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"A few acquaintances kept telling me I should make one of these ask blog things...Not sure why I'm spending any time on this since I already have a blog of my own, but some of the cast members wanted to join in as well. So! If you have any questions for any of the When They Cry cast, or if you have any questions for me personally, feel free to send them in!"


((This ask blog is run by a mod with the same name on Tumblr. Please read the notice before asking any questions!))

I have yet to meet a lady whose rear rivals our dear Wright’s here.

—Lion Ushiromiya

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    Oh my Keima, I just lol’d too much from just this.
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    There just went my drink once again. This is exactly what I’d have said omg Why am I seeing this just now.
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    I I I
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