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It is the 24th where we all are right now, so I and the casts of When They Cry would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Relax, have a hearty meal, and give thanks to those you care for, as well as those who care for you. Courtesy of SmallBombsChiru, when you’ve got half an hour to spare, be sure to sit down and watch this heartwarming video of the Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts TIPS from Umineko Tsubasa. I would love to prepare a little gift for you all today, however I think this is just fine. Plus, you all will receive more spectacular gifts come the winter Comiket! Please look forward to that.

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That one Riddle


so who’s the culprit?

>Theory 1
>Theory 2
>More of it

((OOC: omg you guys you’re great, I loved so much reading your theories I was even giggling like a dork (ノ▽ ̄*)kyaa, The motive is the hardest part since all of the characters should have a lot more of backstory so you could compare but I tried to keep this as short as possible (more like a mystery this feels like a little guessing game haha sob but I am having way too much fun with this) I will try to hint that part a little more in this post, and I will reveal the answers after this clues&truths post in a few days, the truth is close!))

Unless this is all a joke like that Riddler series and the culprit was you and then your batshit sister pushed you down.

The room can be locked closed when the culprit left the body there because they used their hand or a long, thin, solid object (like tweezers or a screwdriver) to slip the end of the chain into the lock.

to the room he was found in, which was either locked from the outside or there’s some secret passageway in it.

Mikan, Negi ‘n Banana were thrown into the well, but not Aisu, Ninjin or Nasu, if we don’t count Sake.

Until next time.

Ahhh, I love stories like this!


Given the clues and the story you have presented us with, I must insist that Dr. Aisu is the culprit!


I’ve read a Agatha Christie novel quite like this—in which a trick for faking one’s death was used. To start, Dr. Aisu isolated himself from the group and settled himself in the room. He locked all entrances and exits to the room, making it seem like a closed room. Being a doctor, he would have a rather good eye for what a bullet wound might look like—and so, he ‘shot’ himself by using a kind of red clay or dirt to make it seem like he had been killed. There were three advantages to this technique: One, he was the doctor, and if he was dead, then nobody could confirm deaths. Two, if he had been shot in the head, he most certainly would have died—or at least, that’s what he wanted others to think. Lastly, him being picked off right after the first two guests would make him seem less suspicious—as if the murderer was frightened that the doctor would somehow reveal his plans after stating the cause of death of the victims, such as Miss Negi. The gun, most likely, was taken from Mikan. Siblings tend to be sneaky, and steal each others things all the time. He likely requested Mikan to snatch her brother’s gun so he could examine it, and she gladly obliged, in no hurry to not tease her brother. It was a win-win for the doctor. Get a weapon, disarm another. To prevent Mikan from speaking a word later on, after she got over the trauma of his own ‘death’, he drowned her and made it so she could not speak in her dying moments, then tossed her down the well. As the others left, he cleaned himself up and stalked through the mansion like a phantom, picking them off, one by one, until—

tap, tap, tap, BANG.


The only occupation that does not fit into this group of people is ‘doctor’, as everyone else is immensely rich and carefree from the start—but Dr. Aisu is nowhere near that. Medical school costs money—and he had to work for that money. Mistakes made due to the stress of the bills as he started and living in general pile on more stress, which leads to accidents in the operating room, and as he’s given the news that he’s going to be brought together with all of these rich people, ever so happy and free and uncaring, he snaps. He hatches his plan quickly, having easy access to cyanide and other poisons. The night goes on, and of course, he kills the best off first. The man and his daughter, both wealthy and with their relatives in such expensive schools! Miss Mikan was next, having come from a wealthy family—and probably hasn’t worked a day in her life! Negi was next, an idol with such a glorious reputation—not so much working as having fun. Unacceptable and killed. Afterwards, knowing Banana would bring more people to the scene to investigate, he quickly killed him off.

Only Sake was left, and Aisu committed suicide—not to frame her, but to be done with all of it.

You see, Sake’s description is the only one that contains the word ‘working’. Everyone else, born into their families of wealth, needn’t work for money. Aisu went mad with jealousy and killed them all, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill Sake, as she was hard-working and did her best to earn money. However, if he did not kill himself, he would have endured a fate worse than those he slaughtered.


This level of reasoning is possible for Golden swallowtail!


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